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Spotify Now Lets Advertisers To Exclusively Target Podcast Listeners

Spotify declared this week that advertisers can now aim ads on the basis of the podcasts that users hear. This indicates that unlike earlier, where advertisers can majorly aim at Spotify’s free-tier users by the music they hear—by playlist or genre—they can now aim on the basis of the kind of podcast they user, which is possibly going to be much more precise and profitable for the advertisers. This news is possibly only the beginning of how Spotify aims to ultimately use its increasing podcast functions to make its ads more important and create more income.

In an interview to the media, a spokesperson of Spotify claimed that the firm needs to keep developing out advertising all over its podcasts. She claimed, “We aim to design a more solid advertising fixture for podcasts that will let us to layer in the type of measurement, targeting, and reporting abilities we have for ads that operate together with other content experiences such as video and music.”

The firm originally joined hands with 3M and Samsung to test podcast-supported ad targeting, but the ability is launching out broadly to 10 regions this week, comprising Canada, the US, Brazil, Mexico, France, the UK, Italy, Germany, Australia, and Spain. These ads will be similar as compared to any other ads on Spotify—placed between music for users who do not pay for the service—the only dissimilarity is how they are targeted. The ads in the podcasts themselves will not be altered.

On a related note, after at least a month of trialing, Spotify is launching out an upgraded library appearance for its premium consumers that will divide music and podcasts more clearly. It is also launching some new features for music and podcasts. Presently, the layout for a library of premium users is tricky to navigate.

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