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NASA Eyes Proposals For Lunar Gateway—Report

NASA will formally issue an invitation for proposal aimed at cargo transport services for Lunar gateway. An RFP on a draft basis was released for its GLS program, requesting industry comment before July 10. NASA will hold industry day at KSC on June 26 prior to the final RFP being released. NASA intends to transport unpressurized and pressurized cargo via private services, to lunar Gateway. Cargo can also be transported back as it is done in ISS. This is part of efforts to ensure maximum services for Artemis program. Artemis intends to put humans on the moon before 2024 with a human presence by 2028 for long term settlement.

Gateway and its logistics requirements enable space-based supply chains, which mean further space commercialization, as per Mark Wiese of KSC. As per this draft RFP, Over 1000 kg unpressurized cargo and 3400 kg pressurized cargo is to be transported to Gateway. Docking facility must be available for 3 years and departure should be possible for disposal in a safe orbit. Cargo spacecraft would also be handled by the firm. NASA requires only that this vehicle has 1 or more successful launches under its belt.

Flight rates have not been mentioned. However, it is stated that 2 crewed visits lasting at least 90 days should be supportable by the mission. NASA is considering having 1 manned mission every year until the 2020s end. More cargo items can also be transported, apart from unpressurized and pressurized. Fast transit systems could be manufactured, so that arrival is done within about thirty days of this launch. Co-manifestation abilities on SLS missions, long-run habitation, addl. payload power and refueling may also be available. NASA will grant up to $7 billion, spread out over fifteen years. Director Marshall Smith of NASA HQ stated that NASA could have multiple contracts under offer for logistics.

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