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XCOM Satellite Is Orbiting Our Planet In Reality

Right now, one of the good news that every American is cherishing is the announcement made regarding the XCOM Programme. The program has officially been taken flight into the Earth’s orbit. The US has clearly mentioned that the demise of the current mission will not be accepted as the researchers are adamant about the existence of an alien invasion. It must seem like a joke but NASA and the US Naval Research Laboratory have taken the launch of XCOM seriously. They have already initiated the mission on May 4 from Kennedy Space Centre. This is a no nonsensical experiment that has been targeted to reach the International Space Station.

In the case of the current study, XCOM stands for X-ray Communication as it is designed to showcase the organization’s ability to make use of the X-ray band for signal transmission. According to tactical sci-fi video game designer Jake Solomon, the name XCOM stands for something totally diverse. As per the researchers, the Earth is believed to be on the verge of an alien attack. Just like in the game XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2 wherein the extraterrestrial life forms are seen to attack Earth so as to gain control over it while the player tries ones best to stop it from happening. There is an Extraterrestrial Combat Unit that is also known as XCOM.

It is the best military and scientific organization trained to keep the human race safe from alien attacks. Just like the players’ battle in the game to keep the Earth from being invaded by the extraterrestrial enemies and keep the people on Earth safe, the US has decided to use the same objective in reality. The new satellite launched into same is not just a mere coincidence. The space agencies are striving towards finding out facts related to the diabolical events taking place both above and below the Earth. NASA scientists are trying to uncover the facts related to the ice-sheets covering 40% of the Saturn’s largest moon, Titan’s surface as it is assumed to point towards alien existence.